Stepping into the Freelance Industry

Stepping into the Freelance Industry? 5 Things to DO and NOT TO DO!

Want to be a Freelancer? 5 Things to DO and NOT TO DO!

When you will decide to stop being an employee and started working as freelance be ready to do a lot of research and struggle. You will realize that there are a number of successful freelancer, that was super good and say: “I want that for me!”.

You will try to understand what they were doing, what were their methods and factors of success in order to live from providing online services.

Today I want to tell you some of those “secrets” that I have put into practice. Some of them I learned from other freelancers. Others are from my own experience, inside and outside the network.

Like everything else, this is not a magic formula (it does not exist in business). I invite everyone to walk the road, and share their experience. Let’s start:

“I am the company in myself”

This phrase helps you to understand several things. First, you are not going to become a millionaire overnight. Like any startup, you will have to be patient and constant. You will have to apply some business knowledge, starting by answering:

  • Who am I as a company? – Mission
  • Where do I want to go? – Vision
  • What should I do in the short, medium and long term? – Objectives

In defining that, you have already gained a lot of ground. Now, something important that is missing: what should I do to be successful? Ah … and more importantly, what should I not do? I will summarize it in 5 things to do and 5 things not to do.

Things to do as a startup Freelancer

1. The Reputation

In freelance portals like upwork, fiverr, and others nothing has more power than the 5 stars. It is the great treasure, worth more than the money you earn. Good reputation is what makes customers interested in a perfect stranger. Work honestly, be efficient and deliver an excellent project.

2. The Client

Is the one who hires, pays and qualifies How not to take care of him? Offer only what you can develop successfully and meet. Ask enough to understand what you need, and define the guidelines clearly. Always communicate with kindness, and stay open to feedback.

3. Knowledge

Every specialty (IT, translation, SEO, development, designing) is a world apart. Learn about yours: the rules, the trends and how to differentiate yourself above others. Be creative at all times.

4. Time

Good time management is essential. Organize work, do the important thing before it becomes urgent. If we do not manage time efficiently that promise that we would have more time for ourselves and our family is never fulfilled.

5. Fees

A job done well is worth enough. That has to be said by your client. Set fair rates for every service you provide, depending on your effort and the client. Take into account what the market dictates. You probably come from a low-paying job, do not mistreat yourself.

5 Things Not to Do

1. Plagiarism

Occurs more frequently than you think. This bad practice can sink you in a second. In addition there are many applications to detect it. Do not take chances.

2. Deadlines

Anyone who hires a freelancer wants to solve a problem, and wants it for “yesterday”. Respect the deadlines, if something delays you communicate it before the time expires. By the way, do not turn the post into custom.

3. Confidentiality

Depending on what you do you may be working with very sensitive information for companies. Consider this as something sacred, as a matter of priest-confessor.

4. Mismanagement of an error

Feedback and corrections are our day to day. There are times when we are completely wrong. Understand the customer in this, you should always be willing to make a money back if your customer was not satisfied.

5. The lack of commitment

Both towards you and your customers. It is your business, and you must be committed because success depends on you.

Finally: Action and evaluation

From here onwards is to trigger. If you are new to this world, I commented that a good statistic are 30 proposals to achieve a project. He makes a good profile and makes winning proposals . Constantly evaluate what you are doing and if you must correct the course do it without fear.

I sincerely hope you are a successful freelancer, that this leap into the world of independence is the answer you were looking for in your work affairs. Thank you for reading this far. Share your experiences, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Success!

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