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How to Create a Freelancer Profile? Learn to Make it Attractive and Win

We only have one chance to make a good first impression. Have you heard that before? When we apply to get a project in the freelancer world, we only have one opportunity. The client receives your offer, and depending on what you find when you click, you interview or discard. It’s that simple.

Your digital identity in a content-mill or portal of freelance employment as is composed of 3 fundamental elements:

  • Your profile
  • Your cover letters
  • Your portfolio

Today we are going to talk about the profile. The proposal and the portfolio require attention, so I dedicate a separate post for each one. In all I show you what has been the formula that has led me to win projects (not the only one, but it works). Let’s get right to the point:

The freelancer profile

Name, photo and video

Regarding the name please use your real name: it is your corporate definition, you must avoid legal problems and it is in the name of who is going to issue the payment. With the image we must also follow certain rules, see:

The face must be clearly visible: You create confidence, you give security to those who see it.

The image should reflect your activity and niche: Reflect what you are trying to convey. Photos of the beach or your pet leave them on Facebook. Do not use photo cards.

Use good quality images: You do not need to spend money on a studio photo, simply create the conditions and get a picture of yourself.

Smile: No laughing, but a long face or tied does not make you want anything.

In some places you will have the opportunity to create videos. If this is the case, it follows more or less those patterns. Avoid background noise, look for good lighting. Rehearse, warn your relatives not to interrupt you, anyway. I know you get the idea. I leave you an example and think about it:

Which of these looks more like a Content Writer


A single line to tell the client all the value we can add to your project:

Concise: It must go straight to the point, with 2 or 3 elements we must tell the client what we do.

Specific: No rambling. It’s not the same “Engineer” as a “Mechanical Engineer, PLC Specialist” right?

Aimed at activity and Niche: Remember the value of specializing yourself. Each activity, in my case write, has many variants. A B2C sports writer is not the same as a specialist in medicine.

Titles or certifications: It is a good time to place it, if you have it. Also some specialization or certification.

If you have more than one thing to offer, separate them with dashes or | Some examples:

  • Accountant – Cost Specialist – SEM
  • Journalist | SEO editor in sports | Style corrector
  • Certified translator ING-FRA, specialist in legal documents
  • Native English

The description

Write 2 or 3 paragraphs, the idea is to clearly state who you are, what you offer, and how much value you will bring to the client:

Value statement: In every first paragraph you write online, you must generate a hook. Something that motivates to continue reading. What is your promise of value? Why is your work valuable? Express what the benefit is that the project passes through your hands.

Identification: Who you are, where you are from, how many languages you speak, your titles or certifications and what you offer. How many years of experience you have in the field.

Now, specify: In the latter you can describe the service offer with a little more clarity. That the offer is attractive, it explains a little but directly.

This is my profile, I did it as I describe it

Training and Experience

This section depends on where you are configuring the profile. Be honest and clear, in some cases the job requires your client to verify some of this information. If space allows, you can place 2 or 3 achievements of each experience. Today’s world is very results-oriented: what you contributed or how the company improved through your performance in the position.

Summing up

The image is worth a lot in the online world. An additional tip is to try to reflect a “same brand” in all the portals where you look for work: if you see my Facebook, my Linkedin and even my PayPal appears the same photo. That is, my clients are always sure that they are dealing with the same person. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment with your experience, the idea is that we grow together. Happy freelancing!

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